Be Heard!

Coming soon is a free set of tools to see the who, what, when, where and why of things happening around the globe, designed to create a change for the better.

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Questions - LIVE BETA

Ask public questions and get answers from verified politicians, business leaders and religious figures. Vote questions up and down, then use the full power of social media to encourage accountability.


Read user submitted links and posts from social networks, organized by hashtags. From local to global, the aggregated news can be filtered by the scope of those affected.

Petitions - LIVE BETA

Gather followers of an idea and form a framework for change. Take action before, during and after petition deadlines. View linked petitions from around the web and vote on the official responses.


Participatory politics, lets experiment with a 300,000,000+ member senate. We have the technology, we will use machine learning and AI systems to organize the shouting.

Organize Action LIVE BETA

Plan and execute non-violent protest to get their attention. Sit-ins, boycotts, marches, camps and more. From the screen to the streets, for when people are ignored too long.

Social analytics

Free social aggregation and analytics, lets use our data to power change for a better world. Knowledge is power. In this case, the real-time knowledge of a demographics preferences, free for all to see and use.